Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Building Bridges and Mending Fences

Building Bridges and Mending Fences

This is a polite notice to readers of ‘The Socialist Way’ my own personal blog. That, due to unforeseen circumstances I will be taking a short break from posting any new posts just for a few days.

On Friday out of the blue and completely unexpectedly and thorough the marvel and wonder that is the World Wide Web; I received an e-mail from a long lost but dear friend who’s wellbeing and simple congeniality means everything. Without broadcasting any unnecessary personal information, I find the need to take some time out; to make space to rebuild some bisected, broken down bridges besides mending abandoned fences.

So with everyone’s attention this far; I would just like to thank you all, for visiting and reading my blog, which has much to say and contribute to developing a genuine movement for 'Socialism' in the very near future with full vigor and passion. Thank you for your trust and I hope understanding.

“Perhaps it's just as well
Why spoil your little dreams
Why put you through the hell
Life is no fairytale
As one day you will know
But now you're just a child
I'll stay her and watch you grow”

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Chris H said...

I hope whatever it is goes well for you!

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