Monday, 28 September 2009

Blogging Forum?

Having a blog or just using the Internet for sharing ideas is an absolute out-and-out marvel!
Thirty years or so a go when I started to get interested in Socialist ideas, I never thought that a thing called the World Wide Web would have such an impact on our lives. Almost anything and everything it seems can be done over the Internet.

I love my blog not because I write it; or because others anywhere in the world can access and read its content; it gives me atmosphere and a space to breath and develop the good clean ideas of change, the opportunity to think out aloud and examine even self-examine my own ideas and beliefs.

It's like being a mountaineer climbing the rock face with altitude, temperature and intensity all these things rolled-up into one and much more on that journey of discovery. And along the way we meet others with slimier or occasionally contrasting thoughts and outlooks, what I call the challenging spice on the mountain top. But the most important aspect is the unperturbed opportunity to exchange and share new and old ideas, developing a better understanding of any given subject under the sun with the help and cooperation of others!

So let me cut to the chase, I would like to start a new forum for socialist bloggers and individuals who are socialists or just interested in discussing any posts in more detail, or just sharing any ideas or information that would be of general interest. The proposed forum would be open to anyone interested in developing and sharing a better understanding of what socialism is or what socialism means to any individual from a personal perspective, it would not be affiliated or take any particular party line. My initial thoughts are that the forum would be small to start off with and likely would remain a manageable size that is comfortable for all concerned, and with as little labour as possible, but we would need a moderator; I am happy to fulfil this role and set-up the forum to start off with. This is just an idea that I've been thinking about for some time and I am hoping, and this is a big if, if not a bare cheek that Chris H and his excellent blog would consider being a founder member; no strings or obligations involved. Think about it and lets have your thoughts. We can build a new socialist blogging community with real purpose and optimism!


Chris H said...

Go for it I say!

Last left forum I was in was a good few years ago run by some CP members from Maerdy or Mountain Ash, an enjoyable place but not sure what happened to it.

Let me know if you want help setting the site up, I do coding and hosting to support a few charities.

Jim said...

Hi Chris,


I've taken the liberty and set up the forum with Yahoo Groups and have a link on this page so you can join here.

Membership is by approval only so we don't get any cranks posting.

I've left the group Description open for the time being. If you would like to write or compose it that's fine by me?

All we need to remember is that its not party affiliated but open to all 'socialists' and the property of all members. We can invite friends and associates to join and they don't have to own a blog.

I think that's about it. Only to say that for the time being I will act as moderator, ideally in time this will be shared amongst the members!

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