Monday, 10 August 2009

“Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

And yet another young British soldier killed by a bomb over the weekend whilst on foot patrol in warring southern Afghanistan.
His death takes the British toll to the new high of 196 and I despair at the thought that this might reach 200 before August 20 presidential elections!

What makes me even angrier; is reading the statement issued by Task Force Helmand, or should that really be Task Force in Hell-Mad: Anyhow the spokesman said: “Each and every loss that we sustain here sends reverberations throughout the brigade.” And I should think so too! And then added: “We mourn the loss of any soldier who died working to make Afghanistan a better place.”

So why are we so gullible and naive, easily deceived and tricked by our political captains into believing that all that is relinquished (life) by our young is somehow for our own good?

Only weeks if not days ago: Labour politicians were saying it was to make our streets safer from threats posed by so-called terror. The only terror that I can imagine is the terror that young soldiers face in their thoughts; that this or that patrol may be his or her last and the next stop is RAF Lyneham and then of course the slow parade, a ceremonial procession through Wootton Bassett.
As aready mentioned Afghani's go off to the polls in ten days time to elect a new president or rather re-elect the current incompetent Hamid Karzai. So it was interesting to read what the British ambassador to Afghanistan, Mark Sewell had to say on August 5, “We have to recognise that these elections won’t be up to standards that they would be in Western democracy with an educated population.”

Well no prizes’ for predicting that Hamid Karzai is set to win this “imperfect” election – possibly with more than 50 percent of the vote?

Karzai’s campaign bid is supported by a rogue’s gallery of warlords’ and tyrants who have in their time plunged Afghanistan into years of brutal civil war between them and the Taliban. So when the leaders of the west on August 21 hail Karzai as the victor and say that his election is a triumph for democracy. We will know the truth; that the war in Iraq was about securing the oil, as the war in Afghanistan is about securing the pipeline that carries it away to the west. Any election waged with the built and the gun as a backdrop is an affront to real democracy.

So to bring this post to an end I must say that I feel quite depressed just thinking about the loss of young life through the vileness and evil that is war. I would do anything to bring back just one lost life if I could, but I can’t that’s the short straw. But the long one is that we can all work together for a world of peace, when our relationship with one another is as it ought to be - a celebration of life!

If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog you will find that I have installed a video bar that has Pete Seeger singing his great song “Where Have All the Flowers Gone!”

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