Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Well I think that we can safely assume that what is known as the left in British politics, will have nothing new to offer workers in the forthcoming general election.

However having said that, it seems very likely that Bob Crow of the RMT union and a collection of individuals and organisations may put up candidates in constituencies’ around the country under the banner of ‘Peoples Alliance’. This is an interesting development in as much as it involves a partnership or collaboration with both the Socialist Party and CPB at its head and who have by all accounts been involved in secret meetings with Crow and others behind closed doors.

This came to light for me when I was reading a report about a proposed meeting to set up an organisation to be know as the ‘Peoples Alliance’ in Wigan. The selling point was that George Galloway was to address the gathering, however he subsequently pulled out which might suggest that he was not in agreement despite the claim that the Respect MP had given his support to the project. Coventry Socialist Party Councillor and former Labour MP Dave Nellist and Stephen Hall were amongst the line-up of speakers including Community Action Party and former Wigan Council Opposition Leader Peter Franzen. Stephen Hall is the local Respect Party Branch organiser.

The proposed new “People’s Alliance” aims to unite all progressive organisations, political parties, trades union branches, community groups and individuals living in the Wigan Metropolitan Borough into a single popular movement which will stand up and fight for the interests of the ordinary people between now and the forthcoming local and General elections.

The only conclusion that I have reached is that this is not going anywhere; especially if the No2EU election campaign is anything to go by along with the autocratic moves of some; it means the exclusion of many, giving nothing to unity or purpose and completely sidestepping the need to build a movement for socialism. My position is that I’m not opposed to it, but my reservations based on past history suggest that it will only degenerate in time to nothing more than melted butter.

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