Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Well I had a good day I think – that’s if you can call tearing the ligaments in my left foot good, very painful that’s what. But it’s got me some time on the sick as I’ve been told to rest the foot for a few days’ then reintroduce movement.

But before today’s injury I was doing a job search on the internet as part of my JSA agreement, and because I’ve to sign-on this coming Friday.

I can tell you that looking for a job is like looking for the needle in a haystack, especially in London. Anyhow I came across this position:

Litter Picker: London SE1

No previous experience required. Must be reliable and willing to wear a mobile tracker. Duties include emptying bins on site, removing any visible litter and reporting any problems on site. Tracking device is turned on upon arrival to the job and turned off when you vacate the site.

I wonder if you have to clock-on as well?


Chris H said...

Sorry to hear about the problem with the ligaments, and also being entwined within the JSA system. I spent nearly three years unemployed during Thatch/Major, would never wish it on anyone.

Anyways, why would they want a tracker on someone who's picking up litter?

Jim said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your comments; it's not the end of the world for both my foot and being on the dole. I'm glad that you have a job and that hopefully all things stay good for you and yours!

It's not that bad for me and I'm not in a hurry if at all to be a wage slave. I have the time to work for socialism in my own small way; that's the most significant thing in my life and my ferret my freind and companion. You seem to be a nice guy glad to make your acquaintance in blog world!

Chris H said...

Thanks for the welcome Jim! Glad to see you're in a position to cope with the storm that's been unleashed on us.

Is there something about ferrets and the spgb?

Jim said...

The funny thing is Chris now that you ask; is we have two ferrets in my branch both with two diffrent members, thay don't get on very well, that's the ferrets you understand. But we love them! We was thinking of changing the branch name at one time to include the word ferret in the name, but that may have been just too much for some members, so we left it!

Chris H said...

Ah, I did see another blog from an SPGB member who seemed rather fond of ferrets, so that explains it.

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