Wednesday, 12 August 2009

full force of this recession = unemployment!

I’m starting to write this post on Tuesday evening thinking ahead of those new fingers for unemployment to be confirmed in the morning. Utilizing the magic of the internet I will go on- line and obtain them and then finish this piece. It’s an absolute marvel to have the world at your fingertips, but not at our feet especially if your unemployed.
You may have noticed that unemployment has been on my mind for some time now. I think its something to do with being at it’s cutting edge, something that in my wildest dreams I’d never have guest would have happened to me thirty even twenty years ago. Back then it seemed no big deal obtaining a job whenever I had to earn a crust, for years I sold my Labour without a second thought, times have changed is an understatement but they have.

I honestly believe that we haven’t seen anything yet, the future doesn’t look bright, and I just feel that hard times are on their way.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been rotating in my mind that I’m probably never going to work again in my life, that my own personal situation is far worst than most in being unable to earn a living; having spent years on the streets and thereby being out of the loop, no records of provable employment despite the years of work, only yesterday I was told by an employer that they would not consider me because I had been unemployed for six months without checkable records. Most employers these days require a CV I don’t have one and wouldn’t care for one either. However I have an idea that sooner or later the bods’ at the jobcentre plus will have me make one, something to look forward to then.

Wednesday, or rather 1.15pm in the afternoon and the unemployment figures are the top story on the radio I’m listening too. The Jeremy Vine show is discussing them on his show and very interesting comments are being made by listener’s I shall return to that in a moment after I’ve recorded for antiquity the stats: The number of jobless young people neared one million today after unemployment soared to a new 14-year high of 2.43 million in the three months to June.
Another 220,000 people fell victim to the recession in the quarter to leave a total of 2,434,879, with the rate of unemployment hitting 7.8 per cent - the highest since the end of 1996.

Some of the commentators on the Jeremy Vine show spoke about not making a claim for unemployment benefit, as they considered it demeaning and the regime of jumping through hoops just too much to bear along with the pittance involved. I was surprised that we only have just over 700 Job Centre’s so it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if the government started to open temporary offices as they did in the 1980s. I remember singing on in one that used to be a stationery supplier in Scunthorpe.

So as I say times are set to become very hard for many. I can say that I’ve been feeling the drive downwardly for some time now; my standard of living has dramatically declined compared with only a year ago. I look towards winter with trepidation; I even know now, that it will not be possible to adequately heat my council flat. This may all very well sound somewhat depressing, forgive me it’s not meant to be and the last thing that I am is anything but depressed. However I do worry for children living around me in Canning Town; just why they should be made to feel the full force of this recession?

Times will be hard and unpleasant with unemployment set to hit 4 million some are saying now, but for me the fight starts right now each and every day. We must lift our game and present it to our fellow workers unemployed or employed and say that another world is possible our message to the working class is that their immediate need is the speediest possible establishment of Socialism!

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