Saturday, 11 July 2009

A Work Of Art?

The above picture is of Carole Vincent who was you may remember a 53 year-old unemployed health worker from East London when she entered Big Brother a few years back.

Carole came close to eviction on Day 80 of Big Brother, she had received the most public votes to be evicted but the house mates chose to evict Gerry, she received far more votes from the public than him 49% to 24% and so he whent.

Carole has worked as a foster carer and as a young people's sexual health and HIV worker.
When she became a Big Brother housemate, Carole Vincent was a divorced bisexual, who stood for Respect at the local elections and had been on a number of demonstrations throughout her life, for example, Stop the War, save local hospitals, anti-apartheid, and Greenham Common.
As the Respect candidate, Carole came ninth in Markhouse ward in Waltham Forest with 471 votes (15.4% of voters).

Carole got cautioned for breach of the peace when demonstrating against John Reid.

For some time now, I've been looking for an excuse to display Carole's portrait and this composition, and for no other reason than for 'art' - I jest not, as a famous artist once said:

"There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph. All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth."

Well just to put my love of the human art form to one side. I must confess that my appreciation of Carole's artistic quantity and quality is alas, not the real subject that I wish to explore and comment upon in this post, although indirectly I suppose you could say that Carole is connected. In my last post I attempted to highlight today's sad news about the loss of eight servicemen, which brings the total for the last 2 weeks alone to 15 which is such a high number of war casualties, and that which has not been sustained for some time. Whilst working at home last night, the news on the radio kept quoting politicians as saying that further sacrifices were needed in Afghanistan, whatever that meant. I suppose more casualties in the coming weeks. Today Gordon Brown defended the government's Afghanistan strategy, saying it is the right one despite a "dangerous battle" ahead.
The prime minister said the military operation was aimed at preventing terrorism coming to the UK. I was thinking, where have I heard that one before, and yet concern is mounting about the current offensive, with as already mentioned 15 soldiers dying in last ten days.

Anti-war campaigners have claimed the conflict is "unwinnable".

They say (the government) that the current major assault against the Taliban in Helmand aims to improve security ahead of next month's Afghan elections. Many UK troops are fighting in the south under the auspices of Operation Panchai Palang or Panther's Claw.

The Stop the War coalition has announced an emergency protest in London for Monday, at Downing Street, 5-7pm. They will be calling for British troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan in light of the heavy losses. In a statement on their website they say and ask the following:

"They are fighting a war we cannot win." "What are we fighting for?" "It's not our war. They shouldn't be out there." "MPs should ask the public: do we want them there?" "Bring them home now."

Well one place I shan't be going to on Monday evening, and that's Downing Street, or should I say the opposite side of Downing Street, along Whitehall amongst the 100 or so (if that) SWP members who are quite happy to be told to stand behind a cordoned off part of the pavement for a couple of hours, not that I'm opposed to the demonstration, but this type of activity, and lead by the SWP is old hat, just a mere cosmetic jaunt to try and attract more sheep, oh, I mean followers like Carole who is a member of the SWP. I've seen her on many a demonstration, last time it was on the TUC 'Put People First' march in April. I was with a fellow comrade at the time, so I asked her if she was the Carole Vincent of Big Brother, she said she was, in fact her face lit up she seemed to enjoy the celebrity recognition. Well I suppose that Carole means no real harm and what I've observed is that the SWP have used her because she was on Big Brother. They put her up for council elections, and ran her on their slate for the GLA London elections when they got hammered.

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