Monday, 13 July 2009

women wailed

The New York Times yesterday, carried the following report, which I've cut and pasted below, as I think it's interesting reading for a number of reasons. First it clearly demonstrates Obama who voted against war when he was member of the US senate, is now a President stepping up to the fight with the 21,000 additional forces he sent to Afghanistan this spring, of which the Marines moving through Helmand province are the vanguard, assisted of course by British forces. This military actively comes ahead of the 2009 Presidential elections, the polls open for the Afghan Presidential and Provincial Council elections on August 20. The Taliban is boycotting the elections.

Reassess and think about the the statements made by both the Foreign Secretary and the Prime Minister over the last few day's.

David Miliband warned that Britain would not be safe until it had built sufficient security in Afghanistan.

"It was essential to prevent Afghanistan from again becoming an "incubator for terrorism" and a launch pad for attacks on the UK and the West".

(David Miliband, Britain's Foreign Secretary)

The Prime Minister said the campaign in Afghanistan was a "patriotic duty" to keep the streets of Britain safe from the threat of terrorist attack.

"I know that this has been a difficult summer - it is going to be a difficult summer," he said. "These sacrifices that have hurt so many families in our country are ones that the whole of Britain will want to acknowledge".

(Gordon Brown, Britain's Prime Minister)

Make of these statements what you will, but the green light that has been given to step-up military engagements, may become the coffin lid that buries Brown and New Labour at the general election, which has to be called within a year.
But things wouldn't be any different if it was Cameron and his clowns running the show, that's to say, they would be pursuing slimier if not the same foreign polices, and be sure that they will be articulating the same dietary slabber, the saliva that comes from the mouths of all party leaders who say they can run capitalism best, including it's wars! The Tories latest is to accuse the government of the "ultimate dereliction of duty" in under-equipping the armed forces.

They (all politician's) will have us believe, somehow, that this is about terrorism, that a bearded guy and his mates brandishing a rocket like weapon, hiding in the hills and mountain surroundings of the Pakistan and Afghanistan border is a threat to us all. They never say, that what they are really protecting and grabbing is the oil, gas, pipe lines, trade routes and so on, do they? Their word for it is 'containment', which means supporting the government of Hamid Karzai; who was first installed into power with the help of the US military in 2002. Karzai is a past supporter of the Taliban but broke with them following the 2001 attack in the US, after seeing an opportunity to gain power he worked for the overthrow of the Taliban and mustered support for a new government of which he became head. It's worthwhile noting that his brothers, had close personal contact with CIA Director William Casey and George H. W. Bush, the father of the other Bush, who at the time was Vice President of the United States when their relationship developed, many years before 9/11.

Politics in Afghanistan has historically consisted of power struggles, bloody coups and unstable transfers of power. With the exception of a military junta, the country has been governed by nearly every system of government over the past century, including a monarchy, republic, theocracy and communist state. The constitution ratified by the 2003 Loya jirga restructured the government as an Islamic republic, and the West has given Karzai it's support, because he dances willingly with the interests of Western Capitalism, in return he relies on the West through it physical military presence to stay in power.

The New York Times

Just as President Obama’s plan to sharply increase American troop strength in Afghanistan gets into high gear, Britain’s involvement in the war has come under the fiercest criticism yet at home as a result of a steep increase in British casualties, including the deaths of 15 soldiers in the past 10 days.

The latest losses are the heaviest British forces have suffered in any comparable period since the 1982 Falklands war. With the Defense Ministry’s announcement of eight soldiers’ deaths on Friday, Britain’s toll in Afghanistan is now 184 killed, five more than its total losses in Iraq, where Britain’s combat commitment ended this spring.

The deaths have generated grim images that have led the nightly television news, of slate-gray transport aircraft carrying coffins landing at a military air base in Wiltshire and being driven slowly in hearses past crowds lining the high street in Wootton Bassett, a nearby town. When five coffins passed down the street on Friday, on their way to a mortuary in Oxford, women wailed.

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