Wednesday, 29 July 2009

What on the Pavement

Here's a letter I found in this months 'Pavement' the free monthly magazine produced for London's homeless. I thought it appropriate to reproduce it here following my own post on the documentary "Famous, Rich and Homeless".

Dear Editor,

I found it quite ironic that "Famous, Rich and Homeless" was shown on the BBC. I spent seven months living rough on London's streets, often at All Souls' Church in Portland Place.
Having crashed there for several months, rough sleeping with the full knowledge and permission of the church authorities, I was woken one night and "moved on" by a couple of Westminster police officers. When I enquired about the incident at the church reception the following morning, I was informed by a staffer that the alleged complaint had not been lodged by the church authorities but by BBC security staff at Broadcasting House, directly across the road, no doubt because they were irritated by having to constantly step over cardboard boxes whilst filing fearless, hard-hitting documentaries about the plight of London's homeless.

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