Monday, 13 July 2009

Welcome to Scunthorpe

The socialist way is watching developments in regard to Corus plans to axe 866 jobs at it's plant in Scunthorope, the post underneath is from tonights local paper.

THE three main steel unions Communuty, GMB and Unite meet later today in Scunthorpe to discuss their response to the decision by Corus to axe a total of 866 jobs from the town's steelworks.
The National Steel Committee is expected at the meeting at the town's Redbourn Social Club to reaffirm its opposition to any compulsory redundancies.
Corus chiefs in Scunthorpe have already started seeking volunteers for redundancy to help the company save £72-million by next March.
But skilled and key workers have been told they will not be considered for voluntary redundancies.
The unions are also due to discuss possible plans for a Save Our Steel rally in Scunthorpe and a mass meeting of the town's 3,500 trade unionists.
This Saturday, a delegation of steelworkers will join their colleagues on Teesside for a similar march in Redcar.
Last week Scunthorpe steel boss Sean Lyons said he could give 'no guarantees' there would be no more job losses on the town works.
Speaking to the Telegraph, My Lyons said he was still optimistic about steel-making in the town.
Mr Lyons, a former apprentice who was appointed as site director in June last year, said: "All we are doing is trying to resize the cost base of the organisation to match the order load that we see going forward.
"So therefore I can't guarantee things but I would love to think it was the end of it."
Mr Lyons said Corus originally expected the downturn in business would last for six months back in November but said that has not happened.
He said: "Our latest forecasters are suggesting it will take us years to come back to the level of 2008, so it is not possible for me to guarantee things."
When asked when he thought the industry would get back to back to profit making he stated: "When we get the right volumes and the right prices.
"The disappointing thing is the prices we have had, have really dropped we are getting half the amount that we were a year ago and of course it is very difficult to sustain that," said Mr Lyons.
"What we need is a bigger stimulus to demand capacity in works' steel, who knows what that might bring.
"Here in the UK a lot of our products do end up in the UK. It would be great to see some government based demand stimulus but I don't know whether they can do that or not."

From: The Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph

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