Wednesday, 29 July 2009

'unique transparent and universal'

On Sunday Socialist Party London members held there second summer propagation and discussion event which I attended. The subject this time: “What is real democracy; how do we get it?

A well meaning comrade gave the gathering a rather long narrative, be-speckled with interesting information that ensued a heated debate throughout the meeting.I must admit that I do enjoy attending these events and find them very stimulating and thought provoking.
Not every meeting is the same and this one on democracy wasn’t exactly what I expected and to be perfectly frank, I found it a bit boring and dry at first, struggling to take it in at times. What it reminded me of was meetings of the LPYS that once-in-a-lifetime I did attend; with someone leading off on some topic or other, usually about the need to take into public ownership 250 banks - Oh such happy days!

To be fair the speaker was capable, I suspect he was a bit rusty having not been asked to be the opener’ for some time, so I do think he did very well considering this handicap and can only improve with time. The good thing about the Campaigns Department who organise the meetings on behalf of the party is that they are encouraging others who would not normally be asked to have a go. This can only be good for party development as it invites comrades who have been otherwise overlooked to come out of the shadows and give their take on the many aspects of the world and socialism. This a refreshing approach that not only builds confidence and activates members, which of course is important for socialist ideas to start to gain a stronger footing in the broader sense. Even in a large city such as London when socialists’ organise and come together with others, we should not underestimate its value. I find that sharing with others, participating in debate helps to focus ones approach in regard to propagating the socialist case to others; wherever and whoever they are. The new technologies such as the Internet that we have at the disposal of our fingertips’ are all very well; but it will never be a substitution for the personal outwould going path. Many workers are preoccupied with everyday mundane subjugation, to just fall upon ‘our case’ over the Internet. That’s why it’s important for us in the Socialist Party, wherever possible, to take the personal route and not just be diverted in any specified direction; and by all means we must use all the tools in the box, at our disposal.

For over a year now, I been trying to put more good energy into making it my own priority to ask others at the very least to ask themselves; why not question and scrutinise what goes on in the world. I spend a lot of time with friends who are homeless, rough sleepers, or venerably housed along with others who not unlike myself; grin and bear all that is thrown at them, unemployment, poverty and sometimes as it seems even the kitchen sink. But we are unshaken and resolute that somehow we will get buy, and we do from week to week. In my case I’m fortunate to belong to a party that whilst it has its internal defences remains stead fast in its goal – to get rid of the profit system and establish real socialism!
The Socialist Party is an organisation of equals without leaders and there are no followers’, unique transparent and universal.


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