Friday, 17 July 2009

'This Morning'

Fern Britton says goodbye to 'This Morning' and I go off to the jobcentre for my interview which surprisingly wasn't that bad after all, except for some of the suggestions that the adviser was giving me, that she insisted would help my job search - what job search!

She told me that because I had been claiming Jobseeker's Allowance for six months, I was apparently worth £1000 to a new employer, and said it would help if I mention this when I apply for a job, and that it was a good idea to mention it in any covering letter or application. At this point of the interview I could not help myself very much, but felt that I had to tell her what I thought of this conception, of some boss or another being paid to give me a job. I detected a certain degree of shared disapproval, and I felt good until it was suggested that I consider working for an employer for a trial period of up to 15 days. My adviser said that she thought this was worth while and recommended it to all her clients, by this time she was beginning to piss me off, but I couldn't show that to her. I said that I couldn't possibly work for someone for nothing, "it might help boost his profits, but it wasn't going to pay my bills", she then said that it would give me the opportunity to prove myself to a perspective employer, in return I made it clear, I had nothing to prove, I had total confidence in myself and my abilities!

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Chris H said...

15 days free? What planet to the staff there and their political masters come from?

Having spent three years unemployed under Thatcher and Major I can only hope I never have to go through the same.

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