Saturday, 11 July 2009

Stopped laughing

Don't you just love a good old giggle; well I do, and I had a good one the other day, mind you, it has been suggested before now, that I have a strange sense of humour, some don't appreciate it, but I believe you can't survive in the world without one. So the other day I came across this hilarious article in the Financial Times (July 6), headline "CBI urges job cuts alternative". Well maybe not that hilarious after all, once you read that the 'boss union' is urging the government to adopt, wait for it - an alternative to redundancy scheme for this coming autumn, that they suggest could stem job losses as unemployment heads towards three million.

The employers' organisation's plan, if one can call it a plan is aimed mainly at companies that have hung on but are running out of cash for wages. Workers placed on the scheme by their employer would not work for up to six months and would be paid a weekly allowance of double the jobseeker's allowance - £64.30 for those over 24 co-funded by government and employers.

If you follow current domestic affairs at home, as I do, you may have noticed the conflicting reports that are put out about the capitalist economy, and yet lay off's and new redundancy's are announced almost daily. I've been keeping my eye on the situation in regard to steelworkers, particularly those employed by Corous at Scunthorpe. Last week the firm said 500 jobs would have to go at the Towns steelworks in order to make "significant savings" to secure the plant's future, and this week a further additional 366 were added bringing a total of just under 1000 out of a work force of 2500 directly employed by Corous who are owned by Indian company The Tata Steel Group which is one of the world's top ten steel producers. With a combined presence in nearly 50 countries, the Group, which includes Corus, Tata Steel, Tata Steel Thailand and NatSteel Asia, has approximately 82,700 employees across five continents with a crude steel production capability of 28 million tonnes. Tata Group, is a family run business group and multinational company, which has it capitalist tentacles in capital, communications, IT, power supply, with Tata Power, India's largest private sector electricity generating company, they (Tata) are the worlds sixth largest watch manufacturer in addition they own Hotels, produce chemicals, but the cream of the family business has to be Tata Motors, formerly known as TELCO (TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company), now the owners of the brands Jaguar, Land Rover and Daimler.

So you may start to get the picture, a flipping big world business that's run by a single family who have roots in India and bedded in at the very begging of India's own Industrial Revolution, Jamsedji Nusserwanji Tata (March 3, 1839 - May 19, 1904),is known as the father of Indian industry. The Tata family has to be considered as a world leading capitalist player and exploiter of workers on a global scale, that's why workers, need to understand and get their heads around the fact that the owners of the 'means of production' operate on the global basis of exploitation, and have always done so. However modern intercommunication and transport means that business's can relocate anywhere in the world in a relatively sort period of time were the costs of production guarantee and furnish a higher return of profit, this is the law of attraction to capitalism that acts like a magnet, whether it's British owned BT or Tata, and no mater what is said by Union Leaders such as Michael Leahy: "The cuts added "insult to injury" for the work force."

I feel for the steelworkers of Scunthorpe who face a very uncertain future, just like us all, who's only means of living is the sale of our labour, thinking of the Towns motto "The Heavens Reflect Our Labour". The insult to injury has been the misfortune of a Labour Parliamentarian, who for twenty years whilst propping up the whole rotten capitalist system, has loaded and filled his own pockets with expenses and the many perks that come with the job of selling workers a complete pack of lies. The more that I think about the Labour Party and it's leadership of North Lincolnshire Council, the more I realise, I've stopped laughing.

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