Saturday, 18 July 2009

one of the lucky one's!

I've just read the sad news that Henry Allingham, the oldest surviving British serviceman from the First World War, has died at the age of 113, at his care home.

Mr Allingham served with the Royal Naval Air Service during the Great War, later transferring to the Royal Air Force and serving at Ypres.

Henry who was born in Clapton, east London on 6 June 1896, and if one war was not enough he fought in two. In Max Arthur's book 'Last Post' he said:

"There's a lot that I've tried hard to forget - but I've got a lot to be thankful for. I've had a unique sort of life. I've scraped the barrel and 'I've had the cream."

In life's lottery and as far as war is concerned, out of the million's that never came back, Harry Allingham's number never came up - he was one of the lucky one's!


Foxwood said...

Socialists don't know they are useful idiots. Lenin said it best, "The goal of socialism is communism."

Anonymous said...

"Socialists don't know they are useful idiots".

In fact Socialists are well aware that those who fight in capitalist wars are "useful idiots". The working class of all countries have no interest in fighting and dying for their masters.

"Lenin said it best, "The goal of socialism is communism.""

Socialism and Communism are interchangeable terms; neither have existed in Russia or anywhere else.
The system in those countries which have used these terms are more correctly described as state capitalist.

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