Monday, 27 July 2009

Night Riders

Apparently in Scunthorpe a town that seems to have more than it's fair share of revellers at weekends; the police, pubs, bars and the council have heaped praise on to a petrol of ‘pastors’ that have taken to the streets, offering salvation to the drunk, ill, lost and lonely. This story caught my eye when visiting the website of local paper the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph today. I must admit that I did find the story amusing when I first read it, but it also raises and amplifies for me in any case, the use made of religion to control and mould the sheep into the capitalist penitentiary!

So working people go out on a Saturday night, well lets face it, maybe to escape and forget about the week they've just had at work, even for just a few hours, to try and obliterate the thought and prospect that another week of toil and possibly years of the same lie ahead; but to inculpate that they are somehow criminals and wrongdoers is simply absurd and ludicrous. Well to use the word criminal, in the context of my argument, may seem as if I'm putting the words into the mouths of the pastors, who may not have used such language in their vocabulary. But words do come out of their oral cavity, it may not be criminal but it could be transgress, stray from the path and sin, which in my book, they mean the same thing. What sanctimonious dribble these people peddle and hawk about at any given opportunity, and that's putting it nicely!

What I remember of the centre of Scunthorpe is that at night-time it’s transformed particularly at weekends, into a haven of clubs and pubs that serve the areas legends of young, who come out to have a good time in there own recreation time, a diversion from work. In fact one disused church having been converted into what they call a fun pub competes with others to sponge up the little wealth that workers have. I would hazard a guess and say that more and more young people will spend more of their money on this form of entertainment and leisure, especially as cheep travel comes shuttering to a halt over the next couple of years, restricting once again the travel options of working people to wonder and explore the world, albeit on the package holiday. Statistics confirm that in June, package holidays were on average £66 more expensive at £483, up from £417 in June last year, according to the Leisure Travel Monitor compiled by market intelligence service Ascent MI. The result will be fewer budget holidays for under £400.

I'm all for people having a good time, there should be more leisure and less work time. When I say leisure I don't mean going to the pub and getting stupefied and pie-eyed drunk. Having worked in factory environments over the years, I think that I understand why many go off the rails, it’s the pressure of work and the stress, the mental nervous strain that has to find a release; free from the confinement of work. When you really do think about it, we're living with all this technology, even this very blog is a testament to the way technology can be leveraged to improve our lives. Yet we still live in a social system that consists of a set of social relationships which are patterned by the form of wealth ownership, which in turn is patterned by the established method of producing wealth. In and under this system of society the great majority of people in the modern world get their living by going out to work for a wage or salary, because no other method is open to them. They try to get the highest wages and the best working conditions they can; but the employers are opposed - their object is to exploit workers as intensely as they can, for as little as they can give. This is the problem that we face, this is the source of difficulty in life and that entire religion clouds the muddy waters of capitalism and at best in its interests.

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