Wednesday, 15 July 2009

liquorice all sorts

Today I found three subjects of interest in the news, obviously the moving scenes of the thousands paying their respects to the retuning bodies of the young solders who lost their lives in Afghanistan takes some disbelieving. The youngest of these solders was barely out of his teens. In the years to come; will his sacrifice be remembered I wonder? I think that it’s probably not that unpopular to say; that the ultimate sacrifice given by our young servicemen and women is nothing more than a total waste of life, and that’s my view and I’m sticking to it!

We would do well to remember that the services or our armed forces are doing what they are told, and told lets face it, by middle aged politicians, and look at them. Trust in politicians is at an all time low in the wake of the expenses scandal!

I had to laugh when I read that a report commissioned by the House of Commons which concluded that public confidence would not be restored if the Commons was refilled after the next general election with "more of the same" white, middle aged, middle-class, able-bodied men, whatever that means!

The Speaker's Conference, the first to be convened for 30 years, was tasked with finding ways to boost the numbers of women, disabled people, gays and lesbians and members of the ethnic minorities elected to Parliament.

The interim report, said the unusually-high exodus of MPs at the next election presented an ideal opportunity to ensure politicians better reflected the population as a whole.
So far 89 MPs, a fifth of them women, have announced they are to quit the Commons at the next election, which must take place by June 3 next year, some are going as a direct result of controversial expenses claims. Potential replacements have yet to be named in about 40 of those seats.

The Report says: "We believe that the House of Commons needs to change. Increasing the diversity of MPs would make it a more just, legitimate and effective legislature. We believe that in the public's eyes this would make it a more credible legislature,"

So there we have it a broken toy trying to fix itself, you couldn't’t make it up if you tried.
The Conference was also of the opinion that democracy would be best served if more women were in the next intake – well only if it included my mother and two sisters!

Joking aside think of Margret Thatcher, well some on the so-called Socialist Unity Blog have been theorizing about her final demise ‘death’ and the real possibility that she will be given a state send off. They have even launched a petition on the Downing Street website for those so injected with outrage to sign up too. So far last time I looked over 13.000 had. So if you hate Maggie, you consider yourself to be some sort of liquorice all sorts, then don’t let me tell what to do …..Maggie…..Maggie….Out. Out. Out!

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