Tuesday, 14 July 2009

"Here come the Robots?

The Socialist Party hosted a very interesting meeting at it's party Head Office on Sunday evening. Bill Martin led off on "Here come the Robots? I think that these meeting's have the potential of becoming something quite exciting, as the meeting was very stimulating covering science, technology and it's application in the money making process of the capitalist system of society. I came away from the meeting with a great deal to think about, particularity why is it that almost all the new ideas and inventions that improve our lives, come at a cost, and for those that do not have the necessary wealth they are then denied science and technology's benefits. For instance take the case example of hunger, the number of people suffering from hunger is projected to reach a historic high this year, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations. This is not the consequence of a poor global harvest but caused by the world economic crisis that has resulted in lower incomes and increased unemployment.

"A dangerous mix of the global economic slowdown combined with stubbornly high food prices in many countries has pushed some 100 million more people than last year into chronic hunger and poverty," reported FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf.

According to estimates, there are around 642 million suffering from chronic hunger in Asia and the Pacific, 265 million in Sub-Saharan Africa, 53 million in Latin America and the Caribbean, 42 million in the Near East and North Africa; and 15 million in developed countries such as Britain.

We all need to seriously ask, why is this? When we have the science and technology to send a man to the moon or an email to the other side of the world in the blink of an eye, and yet we are unable to arrest and conquer preventable poverty, illness and disease that kill's millions around the world.

Remember the 'Six Million Dollar Man' or the Terminator films well l found this amusing story on the net and thought about sharing it with you: That's socialism!

A man found naked at a casino claimed he was a Terminator sent from the future.
19-year-old Sean Stanley Smith was arrested on the Nevada border after he was spotted by a motorist wondering around the highway nude. He was ordered by police to stop but proceeded into a nearby casino - where he was then tasered in front of a group of children.

Smith claims he was a Terminator sent back in time from the future - a reference to the film character made popular by Arnold Schwarznegger in the sci-fi franchise. The films usually start with a naked man being transported to the past.
However, it turned out that Smith was not a time-travelling Terminator but was in fact suffering from the side effects of LSD and marijuana. He was charged with indecent exposure and resisting a police officer.

One other thing that I found interesting and raised it with the meeting during discussion was Cyberwarfare, also known as cyberwar, it's the use of computers and the Internet in conducting warfare in cyberspace, but just before I get into that I want to tell you about a visit that this blog had today. As you can see I have a site-meter and traffic tracker, which I use to analyse my work. Whilst studying today's hits I noticed a particular hit from the US, on further investergation it turns out that the hit emanates from New Mexico, the hit information is as follows:

Domain Name: af.mil (military)
IP Address: 49th fighter wing
City: Alamogodo
Time on site: 1 minute 1 second

Who ever it was, they had been attracted by the post of a few day's ago about the the space chimps, "The Final Fronter". This was the story about Nasas's Mercury Programme, so I'm hoping that I've nothing to worry about, still I'm taking no chance's and will be on the lookout for low flying aircraft for the next couple of day's.

The history of the 49th Fighter Wing is said to be one of distinction. Organized as the 49th Pursuit Group (Interceptor) in 1940, the unit was among the first to deploy from the United States to the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II. Redesignated the 49th Fighter Group, the unit played an important role in halting Japanese advances in the Southwest Pacific. During four years of World War II combat, the group was successful in providing air defense from Australia to the Philippines. Today The 49th Operations Group supports national security objectives, as directed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, by utilizing the Air Force's F-22A Stealth Fighter aircraft and in training U.S. Air Force and allied aircrews in F-22A and T-38 transition, instructor and fighter weapons instructor courses. The Fighter Wings Motto: 'I Protect and Avenge'....Help....Help!!

But no,seriously and sincerely we send 'best wishes' to all fellow workers, serving in the USAF, who come on to read this blog or the website of the Socialist Party, which you can get too by clicking on to the Queen above.

So coming back to Cyberwarfare, little is said or mentioned about it in the media or the news. However the Internet security company McAfee stated in their 2007 annual report that approximately 120 countries have been developing ways to use the Internet as a weapon and target financial markets, government computer systems and utilities. In activities reminiscent of the Cold War, which caused countries to engage in clandestine activities, intelligence agencies are routinely testing networks looking for weaknesses. These techniques for probing weaknesses in the internet and global networks are growing more sophisticated every year.China is at the forefront of the cyberwar. China has been accused of cyber-attacks on India and Germany and the United States. China denies knowledge of these attacks. Arguments have been expressed regarding China’s involvement indicating, in the methods of computer Hackers who use zombie computers, it only indicates that China has the highest number of computers that are vulnerable to be controlled. In April of this year, reports surfaced that China and Russia had infiltrated the U.S. electrical grid and left behind software programs that could be used to disrupt the system, according to current and former national security officials. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has issued a public notice that warns that the electrical grid is not adequately protected from cyber attack.China denies intruding into the U.S. electrical grid. One counter measure would be to disconnect the power grid from the Internet to decrease the likelihood of attack. Massive power outages caused by a cyber attack, could disrupt the economy, distract from a simultaneous military attack, or create a national trauma. Nato officials told the BBC their computers are under constant attack from organisations and individuals bent on trying to hack into their secrets.

The attacks keep coming despite the establishment of a co-ordinated cyber defence policy with a quick-reaction cyber team on permanent standby.

The cyber defence policy was set up after a wave of cyber attacks on Nato member Estonia in 2007, and the more recent attacks on Georgia. Nato says cyber attack will be a factor within any future conflict.

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