Friday, 10 July 2009

Cancer and heart disease

By Marcus

Cancer and heart disease are a product of our eating habits and our lifestyle. My grandfather smoke and chewed pure tobacco for many years, and he died because he was too old, but his eating habits were different to our so called modern era, he ate everything directly from the land, he had a whole food diet, he did not eat too much meat, he used to eat a lot of green foods, many raw vegetables, nuts and seeds, his dessert was a fruit, and he was always walking, they used to preserve the water from the rain, and that was their drinking water, after they boil it. The body is always producing cancerous cells and the body itself is killing them all the time, but if our immune system is not in balance we will get all kind of diseases.
My wife had diabetes and she is already cured with a raw food diet, nuts and seeds, without meat, without vegetable oil, vegetable blending, without refined products, no salts, and the blood pressure is so low that she had to stop drinking her pills for the high blood pressure. More peoples are dying from the cancer treatment than from the disease itself. We kill the animals and they are killing us, the mad cows are sick because they are eating meat in their diet, they are herbivorous, and they are getting heart disease because they are using salts and "sugar syrup" in order to make them to drink more water to extract more milk. The Tainos smoked tobacco for
thousands of years and cancer and lung diseases were not so frequent in their society, Bolivian natives chewed coca leaves for many years and they do not have too much problem as the people that sniff cocaine.

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