Sunday, 10 May 2009

When the abstentions are the winners!

Very soon election literature will start to fall through our letterboxes, or should I say shoved through by the contending political parties and there candidates standing in the European elections to that said Parliament. Many people in Britain and I think I can say with a confident amount of certainty will in all probability not even bother to vote, and who can blame them, after all that's been in the news regarding MP's and their gravely train of expenses. As the recession begins to bite working people see their living standard fall, job's lost, home repossessed, whilst our political elite are the next most heated and despised of human mammals next to bankers and the not so clever financiers, who have been generating colossal profits and with the help of Gordon Brown first as Chancellor and then as Prime Minister, he has done all he can to make them comfortable with generous tax breaks on the biggest part of their remuneration and then, when that became politically unsustainable, with a tax reform designed not to upset them. Contrast this to the other side of the coin, were working people up and down the country are struggling to make ends meet or worry whether it's tomorrow or the next day they are told ' you no longer have a job'. Then there's the unemployed and the old who have had to make ends meet and cope with rising food and rip of utility bills.

The newspapers are full of story's how Labour is in meltdown and the results expected will be their worst, who knows, but it's beginning to look as if the the abstentions will be the winners!

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