Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Up the Iron!

Some good news for the working people of Scunthorpe at last, that's if your a football fanatic, which I'm not. But Scunthorpe United beat would you believe it Millwall and made an immediate return to the English Championship 3-2 in the playoff final on Sunday just gone at Wembley.

Scunthorpe one season in League 1 after being relegated a year ago, but are now back up!

Glanford Park is United's home ground and was opened in 1988 and by imagine who? Non-other than Margret Thatcher, even at that time, shortly after the steel strike, when workers where still being laid off. I remember at the time thinking what a bloody cheek that the management of the club had the bear obnoxious shamelessness to invite her of all people to open what was the first purpose-built stadium in 33 years, since Southend United moved in 1955, at a construction cost of £2.5 million, housing a total of 9,088 supporters, and the 83rd largest in English football. One other thing about the club is that it's nickname the Iron', reflects it's association with the steel industry as dose the club's logo.

As I say, this win constitutes some good news for the town and by all accounts brings at least for the football obsessed some release from the gloomy news of rescission, job losses and short time working with pay cuts for steel workers. Well from someone who admit-ably is not a ardent supporter I wish Scunthorpe United all the best for next session, as the say - up the Iron!

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