Monday, 9 March 2009

Walter to the Rescue!

In the Socialist Party; we currently have an ongoing dispute within and regarding one of our branches, part of that wrangle is about the way a Comrade behaved, whilst conducting a meeting as its chair, basically abstaining on some vote or another, the details of which I think are unimportant, however he was subsequently removed from the chair and this in turn has led to at times, a most un-socialist, argy-bargy difference of opinion, which is sad, when I think of the stormy whether that lies ahead of workers throughout the world as this economic crisis unfolds daily with possible hurricane-force consequences for us all.
In an attempt to resolve matters some comrades; have turned to Walter Citrine, he was the General Secretary of the TUC during the 1926 General Strike, and the apparent author of what is described as the "bible" of committee chairmanship; “The ABC of Chairmanship”, regarded by many in the reformist labour and trade union movement as the very pragmatic and useful hardnosed model for the conduct of meetings. Some may say, well what’s wrong with that then – nothing if you’re running a top heavy leadership organization like a trade union or branch of the labour party; just like I’ve experienced over the years, wherein the leadership have used this model to keep control over its membership. Citrine strengthened the TUC's influence over the Labour Party and he gave and supported Clement Attlee's government's policy of nationalisation and served on the National Coal Board despite his activities of betrayals and aiding an enemy during that 1926 Strike when as leader of the TUC he agreed terms with the Government to end the strike whilst the miners carried on until the end of that year, when starvation forced them back to work and with cut's in wages; not to mention the many that finished up on the blacklist!

It appears strange then, that for a party that claims to be ‘revolutionary’it would in the end;refer to this dead mans book, in an attempt to resolve a barmy dispute?

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