Wednesday, 17 December 2008

"here we go again"

unemployment figures, due out tomorrow Wednesday, are expected to show that the slowing economy has taken its toll on the jobs market.
The number of people out of work hit 1.82 million in the three months to September and is likely to get to two million in the coming months.
People claiming Jobseeker's Allowance may have topped one million for the first time in eight years in November.
The government is to unveil a new training scheme for the unemployed.
It has allocated £158m to help those who have been made redundant develop new skills.
The fund is supposed to make it easier for workers to get advice on training and support employers who want to improve the skills of their staff.
The level of unemployment is already at the highest since 1997 and it is widely expected to keep rising.

'Not scroungers'

BBC economics editor Hugh Pym said that the job losses in the service sector in general, and the banks in particular, have not yet shown up in the figures and will start to do so in the coming months.
The figures will be released by the Office for National Statistics at 0930 GMT.
The trades union umbrella body the TUC is predicting that two million people will be out of work by Christmas, and says that half a million people will be facing their second Christmas out of work.
It is calling for Jobseeker's Allowance to be raised from £60.50 to £75 a week.
"These people are not scroungers. They are blameless victims of a worldwide economic downturn and deserve to be treated as such," said TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber.
"As well as more support to get back into work, unemployed people need more immediate financial support to help them cope with life on the dole."

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