Thursday, 2 October 2008

Galloway's on the way out!

Joking apart, the following is the promised reply to the ‘anonymous’ Respect member who’s comments we published today, which is posted directly below this. Also I wish to deal with the Socialists Way’s old friend and regular visitor to this blog comrade ‘Faceless’.

Faceless said: “Galloway has been railing against the poverty chasm, among many other issues, for years. On his radio show you will often hear him condemning the bonuses the city fat cats get, while a mile away people are scraping together money for essentials.But don't let a simple concept like facts get in the way of you going for a ride on your high horse”.

Well Faceless who’s on their high horse – even Tory Cameron said; Anger with bankers was easy to understand, "they paid themselves vast rewards when it was all going well and the minute it all went wrong, they came to us to bail them out".
There would be "a day of reckoning", Mr Cameron acknowledged, as there would be argument over the weeks and months ahead as the Conservative Party resisted those who would use the crisis to try to "bury" rather than "reform" the free enterprise system. What would Galloway do? On his radio show I’ve heard him say that he supports free enterprise and a mixed economy along with his admiration of Winston S Churchill and I quote “a proper war leader” un-quote.

The only factual chasm lies in your miss-arguments, which you clearly believe yourself – that’s a shame!

As for ‘anonymous’ well how can anyone take you seriously, when you have decided to hide behind the mask of anonymity, which is yes, your choice but still weakens your arguments and propels you as some sort of a Galloway cheer leader. However let’s deal with what you’re saying with regard to the meeting that was held on child poverty in Canning Town last April. Firstly the meeting was organised and agreed to by a large meeting of the Newham branch of Respect, as part of their campaign for the GLA in particular supporting their local candidate Cllr Hanif Abdulmuhit the City and East London candidate, and as I have said before it seems he was merely nothing more than a support act, the deliberate intention on Galloway's part. Cllr Hanif Abdulmuhit and his team in Newham intended to seriously contest the election, and that's what they did working round the clock for six weeks they raised thousands of pounds, delivered over 60,000 leaflet's and held a public meeting on child poverty, whilst Galloway travelled around London on an open deck bus handing out post cards proclaiming; "that what he had done in the US senate, he would do in city hall". In the end Galloway got a piss-poor result and lost the deposit!

Originally Galloway proposed to field a "Progressive List" that would back Livingstone and in the Guardian he wrote "what London Needs is an assembly worthy of one of the world's greatest capitals. And one strong enough that the mayor would ignore it at his peril. That's why; I'm currently involved in trying to put together a progressive list for the May elections to renew London's democracy. I will be a candidate somewhere on that list myself! If I'm elected you can be sure Livingstone won't be able to ignore me!

The progressive list failed to materialise, it was rumoured that approaches to organisations like Trade Unions and CPB had been made but with no common ground found, or did it have something to do with what Bob Crow of the RMT had to say on the 29 June, "what our members don't want to see is another Respect or Socialist Labour Party".

But let me specifically deal with the meeting on child poverty as this is where through lack of political clarity, from beginning to end ‘anonymous’ falls down – the meeting was about poverty, child poverty in one of the most deprived words of Newham’s Canning Town North, where incidentally the three sitting councillors are all members of the right wing leaning Christian People's Alliance its Leader, Alan Craig was standing as its candidate for London’s Mayor.

The decision to hold the meeting as I have already said was taken by Newham Respect and as it happens, a good one, any meeting that endeavours to address the issues that affect working people should be supported and encouraged regardless of how many turn out on the day, that’s not the issue, the objective was to raise the level of people’s political understanding not electioneering for the sake of some meaningless political celebrity.

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