Thursday, 2 October 2008

"It's That Bad"

The following comment was sent today regarding yesterdays post on Child
Poverty and maverick MP full of his own dung George Galloway. I’ve decided to
prominently post this comment on the blog as it demonstrates clearly the opportunistic nature of Galloway’s Respect. I will also forward it along with the original post to members of Newham Respect, who decided not me to hold a meeting on the issue of child poverty. I will shortly post a fuller reply in the meantime maybe the ‘anonymous’ Respect member could explain why Galloway will not take up the offer made by the socialist party to have a public debate?

You are a real joke. The reason people didn't want to hold the meeting was the timing. It was in the middle of an election campaign, where everything the candidates do needs to get the biggest audiences. Everyone said you wouldn't get an audience for that meeting, and that you should hold it at a later date.You got about 22 people there, of which only about 3 were local people - the rest were existing Respect members, who could've been out there campaigning but felt obliged to sit through your meeting (so embarrassed were your colleagues, they wouldn't even circulate photos of the meeting and wouldn't write a report for the newspaper or the website).So, a total waste of time. Just as everyone outside the area predicted.This is typical of you and your politics: You have this abstract notion that people need to hear about child poverty, but no actual tactical ability and no desire to actually spread a message in the right way.Not that you would ever admit it, of course. You were completely wrong about that meeting, but all you can say is that people tried to call it off. Actually, people didn't. People simply told you that they thought it would be a bad idea to hold a meeting in that area at that time.They were right, you were wrong, and you're a laughing stock because you put your own sectarian interests before the actual interests of doing something about poverty.Additionally, your disgusting insinuation that Galloway has done nothing about child poverty shows you up for the joke you are. He has done more than most MPs.You are just sour that people started to understand what a divisive, nasty piece of work you are. Anonymous.

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