Sunday, 5 October 2008

Brown on child poverty

“Every generation has great causes and every generation will be remembered for what it has done and how it has changed the world -- votes for women, votes for men before that, the creation of the NHS (National Health Service), education for all.”

Then, Brown said afterwards.

"One of the great causes of this generation is the eradication of child poverty and I am saying that we will in law make it the duty of government by 2020 to eradicate child poverty in this country."

Research published this week found that in 174 of 646 parliamentary constituencies across the UK, more than half the children live in poverty.

It suggested that pockets of the UK were in "turmoil" and millions more children than previously thought were being left behind.

Of the 13,233,320 children in the UK, 5,559,000 - more than a third - live in low-income families or families in poverty.

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