Saturday, 20 September 2008

"The Power of Prayer"

I could not resist this post from today’s Times.

And lead us not into Liquidation

The Church of England’s “rapid response prayer unit” issued a new spiritual invocation to shed light in the darkness that threatens to overwhelm the nation during the “disturbing days” of financial crisis.
Bishops are urging Anglicans and others affected by the credit crunch not to keep debt burdens to themselves but to confess them to family, friends or advisers who can help.
The Church posted the “prayer for the current financial situation” on the official Church of England website last night. It tells believers to focus on the certainty of God’s eternal promises to mankind, as “prices rise, debts increase, banks collapse, jobs are taken away”, and urges God to “be a tower of strength amid the shifting sands”.
The debt initiative received the backing of the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams. He told The Times: “At this time of international financial turbulence, it is important that the Church should be offering the opportunity for prayer and reflection.”

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