Saturday, 6 September 2008

"Galloway declines debate"

Every Friday and Saturday evening the maverick MP; if that’s the correct description for George Galloway, brags and offers listeners on his radio phone-in show the opportunely to engage in debate with him on whatever subject he has decided to explore, usually it’s the political hot issue of the day. Priority Galloway declares will be given to those that oppose him and his view, and for this broadcasting service to the nation, Galloway receives a fee that along with other media work makes him one of the highest earning members of the current House of Commons.
For a long time now, George Galloway has been drifting towards religious fundamentalism. He opposes abortion rights; he has broken away from the Socialist Workers’ Party, because even they have choked on his habit of hugging Islamic fundamentalists too hard; and he rants and howls about how “militant atheists” like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are trying to “silence religion.” (The only atheists that have tried to silence religion is in the Soviet Union – which he supported, and whose fall he describes as “the worst day of my life.” Oddly, he doesn’t mention this to his religious supporters. Of course, in reality Britain today is a country where the religious are guaranteed unelected seats in the House of Lords where they oversee a state-backed faith, billions of pounds spent to indoctrinate innocent children into their superstitions. Last year Galloway took a further step towards full-blown fanaticism, when he came out as a creationist. This is what he said on his TalkSport radio rant, in trying to rebut a caller who defended atheism and science: “I was looking at my little six month old baby today beginning to take his first steps crawling across the hall of the Methodist Central Hall, and it doesn’t look like an accident to me. He doesn’t look like an accident of evolutionary chance to me. I’m not really prepared to believe that from the bottom-dwelling slugs of the pond came the voice of Pavarotti. I’m not really prepared to believe that Albert Einstein and a spider are really the same thing, that they just took a different evolutionary path.”
Anyhow I’m drifting away from the point that I wish to make in this post and that is an offer made earlier this year to Galloway to debate with the Socialist Party (SPGB), was subsecqently declined and ignored. Galloway wallows in the illusion given, that he is somehow one of Britain’s best public rhetoricians and yet he is not prepared or maybe he’s just scared to engage in debate with the Socialist Party. Well whatever the reason the Socialist Party has a long and distinguished history of standing above others out on the stump propagating against the capitalist system for over a century. The organisations indoor meetings and debates have come to typify this party which undauntedly has produced some amazing but modest orators like Tony Turner, who spoke and held a crowd of ten thousand and more in Hyde Park at the outbreak of the Second World War and turned that gathering into a rally against slaughter. It’s worth noting that this was a war that Galloway describes as “just and led by a proper wartime leader in Winston S Churchill.” In fact so overwhelming is the admiration that Galloway holds Churchill in he displays two portraits of him on his office walls in the House of Commons.


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