Saturday, 27 September 2008


In his eighth and final address to a largely silent hall of world leaders, the US president sounded a note that has changed remarkably little since he first spoke to the general assembly of the United Nations in the wake of the September 11 2001 attacks on New York and Washington DC. He said the global movement of violent extremists remained a challenge as serious as any since the foundation of the UN in 1945: "Like slavery and piracy, terrorism has no place in the modern world."

Afghanistan and Iraq had been transformed, he said, “from regimes that actively sponsor terror to democracies that fight terror”.

History will record that President George W. Bush and his accomplice Tony Blair went ahead with war without the approval of the general assembly because they serve the interests of capitalism and the big oil companies which has nothing to do with any kind of democracy as the former head of the US Federal Reserve has said; “I am sadden that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.”

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