Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Boy Wonder

Labour will lurch to the Left in opposition unless ministers act to remove Gordon Brown before the next general election, a Cabinet ally of David Miliband has warned.
In a clear signal of senior figures' determination to oust Mr Brown, the minister told the Evening Standard that only a third of the Cabinet were convinced that the Prime Minister should lead the party to polling day.
Speculation about Mr Miliband's leadership ambitions continued apace today after he let slip that he had tried to avoid a "Michael Heseltine moment" in his conference speech yesterday.
The Foreign Secretary had tried to heap praise on Mr Brown but he suffered acute embarrassment when he was later overheard in a lift confiding his worries about being compared to the former Tory minister who plotted to oust Margaret Thatcher.
Mr Miliband's allies are making clear that the work of Neil Kinnock, John Smith and Tony Blair in dragging Labour to the centre is at risk if ministers allow Mr Brown to stay in post to 2010.

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