Monday, 25 August 2008

What's It All About.....Afghanistan

With the proverbial clock a ticking, on the Presidency of George W. Bush and his gang of vile gremlins, it seems that the administration of 'These Here United States' is having billboards erected throughout Afghanistan, and offering a 'Sheiks Ransom' for information that leads to the arrests of Osama Bin Laden, (Bin Liner) Taliban Chief Mullah Mohammad Omer and the US Al-Queda member Adam Gadahn.
As the curtain begins to descend on George W. Bush, one last shot in the dark is being made to bring in illusive' Bin Laden, the nemesis of Bush. Tens of thousands of troops are still searching for the fugitives that we are all led to believe remain at large, while Afghan officials claim they are across the border in Pakistan. Violence in Afghanistan is reported to be at its highest level since the 2001 invasion. On Friday scores of innocent citizens (76) died in a military operation by American and Afghan troops in the Western part of the country. It is said that the Taliban is gaining so-called "hearts and minds" because of the sheer anger of ordinary people at the coalition bombardments on innocent civilians, even the Afghan government has accused American bombers; allegations that are denied. Kandahar has seen much of the violence and has become Afghans most troubled province, last week a new governor replaced the old one accused of torture and corruption. In this week alone the coalition lost three Canadian , ten French and three Polish soldiers, and if that's not enough wasted young life, then add to that, the ten civilians killed in the province when a landmine exploded, a judge gunned down outside his home and a child that died when he played with the wires of a buried mine.
The Taliban was once derided as a ragtag rabble unable to match the might of the US troops, but have transformed into a fighting force - advanced enough to mount massive conventional attacks and claim American lives.

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