Saturday, 2 August 2008

New Labour.... New Leader?

David Miliband reminds me of Robin the Boy Wonder, and I'm just wondering if after spending his young years training his body, mind and soul, is he ready to take on Brown for the leadership?

I think he will, as a child his career ambition was to be a Bin Man, if he ousts Brown and then replaces him as leader and Prime Minister would this not be the act of vengeance by the Blairite's? He belongs to a group known as the 'Primrose Hill Gang' made up of modernisers who think that, if anything, Blair did not go far enough.

The Primrose Hill Gang is a loose network of young Labour Politicians who's members include Miliband's brother Ed Miliband, Douglas Alexander, Pat Mcfadden, James Purnell, Jim Murphy, Andy Burnham, Matthew Taylor, Geoff Mulgan and Patrick Diamond. The Next Generation of Blairite Ministers all.
In 1994 David Miliband was Tony Blair's Head of Policy and a major contributor to the 1997 manifesto. After New Labour's victory Blair made him head of the Prime Minister's Policy Unit, a position which he held until 2001 election when he entered Parliament.

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