Saturday, 12 July 2008

Energy Bill Debts Warning

Gas bills will rise by 43 per cent in the next 12 months and electricity by 21 per cent, an average £360 per home.

New highs in food and energy bills have been a particularly heavy burden for the low payed, unemployed and pensioners in recent months, with eight out of 10 pensioners admitting that they have had to cut back on spending this year.

Energy prices are rising faster in Britain than almost anywhere in Western Europe, and people are racking up debts of hundreds of pounds on energy bills without realising it warns a national charity. Thousands of people with estimated gas and electric bills have contacted the Citizens Advise Bureau (CAB) when they racked up arrears because they thought their debits were covering their energy costs. In the worst cases people have found themselves owing up to £1,000 and with hikes in energy costs expected this winter, the problem is likely to get worse!

Energy supplier British Gas has reported annual profits of £571 million at its residential arm, up from £91 million in 2006.

Obscene or what? Burning a huge hole in working peoples pockets and causing misery for millions!

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