Wednesday, 30 July 2008

British Gas Raises Eenergy Bills... But Don't Tell Sid!

Centrica, the owner of British Gas put up its prices by a massive 35 per cent for gas and 9 per cent for electricity because it says profits at its residential business fell by 69 per cent on the first half of the year.
Remember Sid? He was the so called ordinary bloke charged with persuading ordinary people to buy shares in the privatisation of British Gas. That campaign worked like a dream and shares were snapped up. That was 22 years ago and Sid now an OAP would find it hard to reorganise the company he promoted so enthusiastically. Sid will be lucky if he manages to stay worm this winter or he may be one of the millions that will plunge into fuel poverty.

British Gas new prices came into immediate effect and following the hikes last week by the British division of Electricite de France (EDF).

Phil Bentley British Gas managing director in a statement released a few hours ago said; "We very much regret that we have had to make this decision at a time when many household budgets are already under pressure. The simple fact though, is that we have entered an era of unprecedented high world energy prices. The only answer to cope with higher energy prices, I'm afraid, is for all of us to be more energy efficient and we will be contacting all our British Gas customers to show how they can save energy to try and offset these price rises."

In present day society and as it has been since the 16 century, the needs of all humans is subordinated to the accumulation of capital. All the elements needed to produce wealth - natural materials, raw materials, instruments of production, productive skills - have become objects of commerce, items bought and sold. Production is not carried on for the purpose of meeting human needs but geared towards realising monetary profit. Of course human needs are met - inadequately and on a world scale. To produce the things that people need and want requires, first of all, control over the use of the means of production ( nature, raw materials and the instruments of production) should cease to be the exclusive privilege of a minority within society and become available to all. Everyone must stand in the same relationship with regard to the means of production on the basis of common ownership and democratic control in such a way that meets the needs of all humanity, its not rocket science to advocate for the establishment of a society democratically administered with production for use as the only cure for the world's ills, because once it is established the economic conditions which created these problems will have ceased to exist. Why not work for a world where all forms of poverty give way to plenty, and all can live a full and happy life with each individual being free to develop their personality to the fullest possible extent without the worry of who pays the bills....Tell Sid!

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