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Gaza is basking in as much wealth as the State of Kuwait thats what Israel is after!

While Israel has been telling the world that it has the right to defend itself against foreign aggression, arguing that no country should ever be made to tolerate systematic terror, even though under international law such narrative holds no legal ground as Israel has been de facto occupying Gaza, rendering null and void the notion of Gaza as a foreign entity, and yet very little has been said of Israel's real motives.

First lets settle Israel’s argument that (Israel) it legally and morally has a right to defend itself against aggression supposedly coming coming from Gaza and Hamas, who they claim to be a militant Islamic fundamentalist political movement that opposes peace with Israel, it is important to understand that the Gaza Strip is not, under international law, a sovereign state, it is an occupied land, therefore Israel cannot declare war on its people, rather it owes its people if you like protection.

"Military occupation is a recognised status under international law and since 1967, the international community has designated the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as militarily occupied.

As for Palestinians in Gaza they do however have an inherent right to resist foreign occupation. Such right is again, protected under international law.

Israel is so keen on levelling Hamas because Hamas has categorically refused to discuss an energy sharing agreement whereby Israel would have access to Gaza's gas resources. Israel faces an energy crisis of biblical proportion and that Gaza's untapped and unexploited billions of dollars represent a fortune and a lifeline which Tel Aviv will not tolerate to go to waste  

Operation Protective Edge is the war of a colonial state dedicated to expanding its theft of Palestine's natural resources ... incarcerating and bombing its people in the world's biggest open air prison, while growing rich at their expense that is the simple plan truth!

What Israel really seek in Gaza is access to Palestine's underground riches. Whatever happens on the surface is just there to act as a public distraction, a ploy designed for the masses so that Israel could commit grand larceny in perfect impunity under the very nose of the ever pliable world community.

Palestine's vast natural resources

Back in 2000 British Gas (BG) discovered that Gaza sat on an estimated $4 billion worth of natural gas. Needless to say that this discovery came as a shock to Israel, as suddenly Gaza, this little slither of land which Palestinians have been discarded upon, if you like an open prison in which to punish and crush the Palestinians.
Since BG made its first estimation, it has now been established that Gaza's gas reserves are far greater than first anticipated. Seemingly and according to some experts Gaza is basking in as much wealth as the State of Kuwait.

Rather than live in abject poverty, Gaza should be a vibrant business hub, a brilliant economic success. Instead, it has been withering away under Israel's blockade, forced to scrap and beg for its daily bread, its people reduced to servitude.

Let us remember that Israel's maritime blockade coincides with BG's discovery. Let us remember that it is since 2000 that Israel has denied Palestine access to its territorial waters, thus infringing on international law and de facto putting Gaza under siege; all because Israel wants to pillage Palestine's resources.

So why a war now

So why a war now? To put it bluntly, Israel cannot wait any longer. Plagued by high unemployment and rising inflation, Israel needs to find a viable solution to both its energy crisis and mounting economic difficulties.

According to Israel's own projection, the state will face an aggravated energy crisis by 2020.

Israel is quite simply running out of time. If recent mass protests in Israel in regards to depreciating living conditions and social injustice are anything to go by, officials indeed feel a great sense of urgency.

As Israel's needs increase, so has its determination to bypass international law.

Whatever Israel cannot negotiate it will obliterate, beginning of course with Hamas, the war on Gaza came as a natural development to Israel's geo-strategic realities.

just one other thing to remember is that the last time Israel marched on Gaza, in 2008, its military deployment also aligned with its contracting of BG to discuss critical negotiations around Gaza's natural gas. A coincidence?

This new war on Gaza is a colonial war. This new war on Gaza has little to do with self-defence or terror or sovereignty... it has however everything to do with Israel's neo-imperialistic ambitions.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Gaza boy who clung to the paramedic and the photo that went around the world

This the story behind the young terrified and clearly traumatised young boy who clung to the paramedic and the photo that went around the world this week, yet again illustrating the full horror and hideous and disgusting crimes raining down on children from the mighty state of Israel. I have taken the liberty of reposting it in its entirety on this blog.

Thursday night, 17 July, was the heaviest yet since Israel’s bombardment of Gaza began almost two weeks ago.

Dozens of people arrived to Gaza City’s al-Shifa hospital, where I was on shift that night. Some arrived torn to pieces, some beheaded, some disfigured beyond recognition, although still alive and breathing.

Seemingly indiscriminate artillery fire, a new element in Israel’s assault, had exacted a heavy toll on civilians.

The medical staff were lucky to get a break of less than half an hour. Some spent it watching the flares and bombs Israel was raining on the eastern neighborhoods of Gaza City, while others refueled with coffee or lay down for a few moments.

The relative calm did not last long. At around 3am, about eight or nine casualties arrived at the emergency room all at once. The last to come in were four siblings — two of them little children, both about three years old, with relatively superficial wounds. But it was clear they were pulled from under rubble, their faces and clothes covered in dirt and  dust.

Then came the older of the four siblings, a boy in his early teens. His head and face were covered in blood and he was pressing a rag to his head to stanch the flow. But his focus was on something else: “Save my little brother!” he kept screaming.

The last to arrive was his brother, the child in the above photo that circulated around the world.
“I want my father!”
He was carried in by a paramedic and immediately rushed to the intensive care unit, which is right next to the ER. He clung to the paramedic, crying, “I want my father, bring me my father!” until he had to be forced to let go.

As I stood by, alert for orders, a group of four medical personnel immediately started to treat the boy. But he kept kicking and screaming and calling for his father.
His injuries were serious: a wound to the left side of his head which could indicate a skull fracture and a large piece of shrapnel in his neck. Another piece of shrapnel had penetrated his chest and a third had entered his abdomen. There were many smaller wounds all over his body.
Immediate measures had to be taken to save his life; he was sedated so the medics could get to work.
Upon carefully examining the wounds, it appeared that the explosion from the artillery round sent flying small pieces of stone from the walls of his house, and that some of his wounds were caused by these high-velocity projectiles.

He was extremely lucky: his neck injury was just an inch away from a major artery, his chest injury penetrated all the way through but failed to puncture his lung, and his abdomen was struck by shrapnel that just missed his bowel.


He had a stroke of luck denied to many that night.

The medics performed heroic measures in a remarkably short time, and the little boy’s life was saved.

Meanwhile in the emergency room, the elder brother was stitched up and the younger two siblings were washed and thoroughly examined for possible hidden injuries.
Somehow, despite the horror and the pain, they were sleeping. I don’t know how they did it, but I felt envious and grateful for the divine mercy that found its way to them.
Their brother with the most serious wounds will almost certainly survive, but with many scars and a difficult recovery period, both physical and psychological.
Too many casualties came in that night, too many for me to get this boy’s name, to know whether he was reunited with his father, or even what became of the rest of his family.
But there’s one thing that I know for sure, which is that hundreds of children just like him suffered similar or worse injuries, and up to the moment of this writing, nearly eighty children just like him have been killed as Israel’s merciless attack goes on.

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Millions are forced through the ringer of austerity whilst parliamentarians drink champagne

Budgets undeniably, are tight as millions of us are forced through austerity, some take an unprecedented cut in their standard of living, then struggling with low pay or having to take a pay cut just to keep a job, then there are the millions, the legions and multitudes reliant on the foodbank and the handout just to keep body and soul together and sustained physically and mentally strong, It’s definitely hard for many of us and has been for some considerable time now!

However, it’s good to know that for some the good times never ended and the champagne still flows and the party never came to an end.

It’s been reported in our press, that  champagne consumption in Westminster appears immune to austerity measures.  As new  figures uncovered by the Huffington Post UK show that there has been a substantial rise in the number of bottles of bubbly ordered by the House of Commons since the current coalition came to power.

This tax year the catering services at Westminster bought 8,082 bottles of the luxury tipple, a 72 per cent increase from the 4,691 bottles purchased in 2010. The rise has been a steady one, with approximately 1000 more bottles ordered in each year.

The total cost of stocking the House of Commons with champagne has added up to £275,221 since 2010. This brought Westminster over 25,000 bottles, which MPs and their staff are able to buy at a rate subsidised by the taxpayer.
Two Labour MPs a few years back  were involved in a champagne drinking contest which got so raucous one needed medical treatment while on official business in Paris.

Earlier this year the Metro newspaper published anonymous complaints made by MPs about the on-site subsidised catering services. These included concerns about the "embarrassing" lack of Martini and a request for "more fresh game" to be introduced to the menu.

Would you believe that 78% of our current Government’s MPs are millionaires. How in touch with the ordinary man and his everyday experience can they be must be the question?

Adding up the amount of ‪‎Millionaires‬ in both the House of Commons & the House of Lords - in TOTAL nearly 80% are Millionaires.
Currently 75% of 'Government Cabinet Ministers' - within parliament are Millionaires. Those that sit in the House of Commons  and the House of Lords all Members of Parliament - The figures If you include both Houses TOTAL - members 1462 (650 MPs + 812 House Lords).
In TOTAL nearly 80% are MILLIONAIRES.

I believe parliament should represent the majority not the minority !! But the reality is - We are governed by a MILLIONAIRES - Democracy ?.

The 99% in Britain are struggling in chronic poverty, unable to pay bills, buy quality food items. Meanwhile both the House of Commons and the House of Lords enjoy privilege beyond our wildest imagination.
These Lords and MP's hold many assets - (many hidden from public view), including savings and (second income wages). There are Lords and MP's who gain extra payments from industrial lobbyist.

Benefit Claimants are quite rightly 'angry' at those who sit in an 'undemocratic & an unelected House of Lords. Those MP's and those who sit in the Lords firmly believe it's OK to hold two jobs & enjoy a subsidised restaurant and bar. In contrast benefit claimants are struggling to buy food, pay bills or 'even get the benefit payments'. This indeed is a real scandal a true story of the political class the real parasites and scroungers that clearly live off others.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

We need to build and make this the biggest demonstration thus far for Gaza

Last Saturday, cities and towns across the world demonstrated against Israel's barbaric attack on Gaza. The biggest was in London, where up to 100,000 marched. This coming Saturday 26 July another mass demonstration has been called for and organised by: Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Friends of Al Aqsa, British Muslim Initiative, Muslim Association of Britain, Palestinian Forum in Britain.

During the course of the next few days, we need to build and make this the biggest demonstration thus far, that’s not an impossible task to achieve, only last night my own next door neighbour said during the course of a conversation we had about Gaza that he would very much like to attend the next event or demonstration; you will be surprised at the number of people who have told me they are appalled at what they have seen and understand to be going on in Gaza.

As I write this post IDF names the 28th soldier killed in Gaza; Gaza officials put the day's death toll at 27 - 608 total. At least 130 Palestinians have been killed since Israel began its ground operation, raising the recent escalation death toll in Gaza to 608, with 3,700 wounded.

Now I’m not going to write a song and a long post about Israel's Operation Protective Edge as it enters its third week, my primary concern is with building and urging others to help build Saturdays demonstration, to make it big, to make it loud and colorful, full of interest; lively and exciting, that would indeed be brilliant!  





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